Join us for 7 conversational masterclasses where we dive deep into core wellness topics and share strategies, tips, and real-world examples of how to shift your mindset and take action into improving your life and empowering yourself each day!

Classes Include:

How to Meal Prep without Losing Your Damn Mind

Exercise for People Who Hate it

How to Self-Care when Sh*t Gets Crazy

How To Love Your Body When You Hate Your Body

Habit Shifts that Actually Stick

Spirituality that Doesn't Suck

How to Clear Your Space for More Energy & Productivity

AND access to all of our Workshop Replays in 2018!


Jenny's Eating Empowerment Mini-Series

Cait's Food & Mood Journal Download and Walkthrough!

Sarah's Words from Within Journal - Claim your self-worth and empower your actions!

Course curriculum

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